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Split, decode, and play back a wide variety of multimedia formats
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LAV Filters is an audio software decoder comprised of three different tools - an audio decoder, a multi-format media splitter, and a video decoder. By working in conjunction, these three components allow the playback of any type of file format in a DirectShow player.

All three components have a rudimentary interface with no skin themes and minimal option settings. Also, the text font could've been more visible.

As per its functionalities, LAV Filters is based on the FFmpeg multimedia package and includes the libavcodec and libavformat libraries. Also, the LAV Splitter is able to demux sub-streams and offers some complex subtitle options. Users can select streams based on their preferred language, quality, and type.

This software solution is compatible with FFmpeg formats, such as AC3, E-AC3, DTS, MP1/2/3, TrueHD, FLV, MPEG-TS/PS, MP4, or AVI. Thanks to this comprehensive package, users are able to create playlists and play Blu-Ray discs on their PCs.

Overall, LAV Filters is a reliable software utility, not to mention that it's open source and therefore free, has a wide range of functionalities, and supports multi-threading and hardware acceleration.

John Saunders
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  • Supports hardware acceleration
  • Offers compatibility for FFmpeg formats
  • Has advanced subtitle options


  • Has a rudimentary GUI
  • Has a poor text font with low visibility
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